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Romanian workflow platform SuperOkey gets hunted as a second best product of the day by ProductHunt

Anyone that’s very involved in the tech market is always on the lookout for the best products. That’s doubly true for people in Silicon Valley that want to find the best software solutions.This is where SuperOkey comes into play.

Alexander Stoica On How To Do Marketing And Business Development

Everybody wants to know but nobody wants to be. The word that best describes Alex. At 15 years old, he launched a project called "Insignus" a promotional swag company. That was his pocket money project in highschool.

Razvan Voica On The Alternative Education System in Computer Science

Razvan is a leader with over 18 years of IT industry experience, a strong HR background, and major expertise in driving projects related to human growth, organizational, and operations development.

New EU Law Regulates Crowdfunding Service Providers: Here’s Why That’s A Big Deal

Last month, The European Council published a big institutional file regulating the inner workings and legal status of crowdfunding service providers. The document gives a much better legal framework for regular crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding campaigns, which can open up new avenues for investors and startups.

Andrei Dudoiu And The Future Of Equity Crowdfunding in Romania

Andrei Dudoiu is the CEO of SeedBlink and the Co-Founder of Human Finance. He used to be a banker for the last 20 years and his past roles include Deputy CEO, Corporate & SME banking at Banca Transilvania, and CEO of Volksbank Romania.

Bogdan Oros On His Experience In The Hardware Market and How Consumers Think

Bogdan has experience in developing markets from scratch in the software sector and the ability to understand the way customers use and want to use products. He has experience working with big names like IBM, Microsoft, and renown middle eastern banks. He holds a degree in computer science from the Technical University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and has been selling security software in different countries and creating markets for the past years. Bogdan is a startup founder, passionate in helping great products scale, a husband, and a father.

$10 million for Stellar Health, a Health Tech startup founded by Romanian programmer Octavian Costache

Back in 2018, Romanian programmer Octavian Costache founded Stellar Health in New York, with three other associates: Ari Brenner, Ben Kraus, and Michael Meng. They created a VBC (Value Based Care) cloud system to help GPs and other healthcare providers stay in touch with their patients from afar. And it went well for them so far.

EuCeMananc Delivery Platform Becomes Tazz by eMag and extends its offer to include grocery delivery in under one hour

EuCeMananc used to be a food delivery platform with a clear USP: deliver everything the client wanted in under one hour. It had considerable partnerships with restaurants all across the country and in head to head competition with companies like Glovo or FoodPanda.

Humans, a Romanian deep-tech startup raises 330.000 ‚ā¨ by generating synthetic voices and identities

Humans, a Romanian deep-tech startup raised 330.000 ‚ā¨ to develop a system capable of generating synthetic (AI-driven) media.

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