omanian digital services company, Accesa, has been bought by the German IT group Ratiodata for an undisclosed amount of money, according to Accesa’s statement.

The acquisition can be seen as a natural step for Accesa who already has a history with Ratiodata. Over the past four years, the two companies have collaborated on several projects, with Accesa providing the German group support for the digitalization strategy as well as helping the company with the development of several services aimed at facilitating and enhancing the customer experience.

Moreso, earlier this year the two companies founded RaRo (Ratiodata Accesa Romania), a joint venture based in Cluj Napoca (Accesa is based in Cluj Napoca as well) that offers IT services and consultancy services to highly regulated industries such as banking, healthcare and insurance.

“We are now excited to welcome Accesa and its talented professionals within the Ratiodata Group, strengthening our capabilities to deliver complete digital evolution journeys for major brands in both regulated and non-regulated markets; covering hardware, engineering, as well as software development and managed services solutions across the DACH region,” said Martin Greiwe, Board Spokesman Ratiodata.

“Under the leadership of an upcoming, shared Romanian – German management team, the two companies will follow a clear guiding principle for both existing and new business, effectively responding to a wide array of regulatory needs across multiple industries,” reads Accesa’s press release.

About Accesa

Acessa is an IT company founded in 2004 and based in Cluj Napoca. Currently, the company has offices in Cluj Napoca, Zurich, Oradea and Munich and offer an array of IT based services.

The company counts more than 700 IT professionals in their offices.

About Ratiodata

Ratiodata is one of the biggest providers of IT services in Germany. They are mainly providing services for the banking industries and offer help with digitalization of papers and documents.

Ratiodata counts more than 1400 employees in 14 offices around Germany while their capital exceeds 300 millions Euros.

Ratiodata has announced a plan to hire more than 400 employees and IT professionals over the next three years to cover a wide range of roles, from security specialists to engineers and analysis specialists.

This surely seems like good news!

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments!

Nov 25, 2020

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