He is the Head of European Sales at AlphaBlock from where he engages with collaborative multidisciplinary innovation teams across various businesses and domains to socialize, prototype and deploy new intelligent distributed assets and services using AlphaBlock’s General AI blockchain validated solutions.Andrei had strategic roles in private, corporate and government enterprises to enable platforms and services for payments, banking, telcos, smarter cities and central government by driving a culture of innovation, developing and delivering disruptive technology.He was building and supporting teams that developed, rapidly incubated, and managed to scale digital platforms that delivered value in areas like Digital Transformation, process automation, Cognitive Computing (AI, ML), Blockchain, IoT and advanced data analytics.

What you'll hear about in this episode:

  • What Alphablock is
  • How Blockchain Helps The FInancial Market
  • The Importance Of Frameworks In FinTech
  • Why Romania Is A Good Choice For Their Headquarters
  • How North America Facilitated The Birth of Modern Fintech
  • Why We Need A Framework For Innovation
  • What Eastern Europe Needs To Encourage Innovation
  • Overall Differences In Tech Markets All Across The Globe
  • How Romanian Startups Can Go Global

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Jun 3, 2020

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