Emmett King is COO and a minority shareholder at Wirtek, a publicly traded European software and electronic engineering solutions company. He is responsible for implementing strategic growth and professional development plans, as well as all of their operations.

He is a businessman from US, with over 17 years of practical experience in Romania. He loves living and working in Cluj-Napoca and has traveled to most of the regions of Romania. Enjoys a good knowledge of the country and its history, and is working to improve his proficiency in speaking Romanian.

Emmett is an entrepreneur with many decades of proven success in: business creation and startups, strategic planning and execution, business development and management, sales and negotiations, client relations, operational excellence, marketing and branding, team development, training and staffing.

He has implemented those successes worldwide, within a wide range of industries, including: software development, business consulting, training and development, international logistics, solid waste management, recycling, public accounting and auditing.

Emmet is a good friend and I always learn new things when we talk.

In Part ONE of our chat with Emmett, you'll learn about:
1. What moving to Romania was like for Emmett;
2. Why Emmett chose Romania;
3. How he sees the differences between different Romanian regions;
4. What being an American businessman in Romania is like;
5. What Romania needs in order to grow;
6. What was Emmett's career path back in the States;
7. How Emmmet made a lot of money out of waste management;
8. Why friendly competition is lucrative;
9. How reverse mergers work;
10. The differences in business structure and opportunities between Romania and the US.

This is Part ONE of the podcast.  
Enjoy the conversation and make sure you go to your favourite podcast platform and subscribe to the show, thanks :)

Oct 23, 2020

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