uCeMananc used to be a food delivery platform with a clear USP: deliver everything the client wanted in under one hour. It had considerable partnerships with restaurants all across the country and it competed head to head with companies like Glovo or FoodPanda.

Back in September, eMag, the largest online retailer in Romania, bought 54% of the company, and went to work on improving their offer. What we got, in the end, was a rebranding and an important extension to its offer. EuCeMananc (which translates to WhatDoIEat) became Tazz by Emag and started offering grocery delivery services, as well as food delivery services. 

It currently delivers products from Mega Image, one of the largest grocery store chains in Romania, as well as drugs from the Sensiblu pharmacy chain and body care products from dm (drogerie markt), again, one of the largest chains in its market.

eMag’s involvement in the delivery startup seems to have boosted its standing with partners. Besides the newly added grocery and household items delivery services, Tazz also added a lot of restaurants to its food delivery offer, including McDonald’s in some Romanian cities.

This is an important evolution for the company, considering the current circumstances. Co-Vid19 forced people into their homes, so the demand for delivery services skyrocketed, and the Tazz team was quick to adapt to this and offer everything a person could need in less than a few clicks, while maintaining their USP of delivering everything in under one hour.

eMAG executives are keen on the change. As Iulian Stanciu, CEO of eMAG declared about the rebranding and service diversification:

„The EuCeMananc team adapted rapidly to this new context we live in. It saw what the opportunities are and quickly expanded its activity with new services and an offer that now includes, besides restaurant delivery, grocery store, eMag products, and household items delivery as well. The new Tazz by eMAG brand is meant to express the quick delivery speed, but the offer expansion as well. I congratulate the courage and talent of the team that identified this excellent opportunity!”

On the other side, the Tazz team is happy with the change as well, and their understanding of current events is clear:

“In this period, in which a lot of Romanians are isolated in their homes, we identified solutions that let us offer quick and sage access to important products. Tazz by eMag represents an integrated solution for ultra-fast delivery of food, groceries, mass consumption goods, and any other useful products from eMAG, Mega Image, Sensiblu, Dr. Max or dm” - Alin Serba, CEO of Tazz by eMAG

And yes, the company is also focused on safety. Considering the current pandemic, Tazz by eMAG does everything it can to prevent the spread of the virus. Besides encouraging everyone to pay by card, users can also tick “contactless delivery” which means that your products will be delivered on your doorstep, and you’ll pick them up from there.

Right now, the Tazz app can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play, but users can also place an order on Tazz’s website as well.

May 11, 2020

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