This is our first episode in Romanian, and our guest is Florin Grozea.

Florin calls himself simply an entrepreneur, yet he is the Founder and CEO of MOCAPP an Influencer Marketing Platform, Author of the ”Hit Yourself” book, and over 22 years experience in the media and entertainment industry.

MOCAPP is a tech startup that has its own technology and the largest database in Romania and the Republic of Moldova: over 700 influencers. Companies and agencies use MOCAPP to automate processes and cut costs by 45% to 70%. This saves our most important resource: time.

Currently, MOCAPP intends to invest 200,000 euros in accelerating business development, investment that will be financed through an active equity crowdfunding campaign starting yesterday, October 27 on SeedBlink.

You can check the on-going campaign here:  MOCCAPP - Seedblink On-going Campaign

So, we promise we will bring back Florin and do one episode in English too, and discuss more about influencer marketing in Europe and their experience with SeedBlink.

Until then, here is what you'll hear about in this episode in Romanian:

  1. Ce este MOCAPP;
  2. Pe cine și cum ajută;
  3. Valorile MOCAPP;
  4. Descentralizarea lumii influencerilor;
  5. Piața de Influencer Marketing din România;
  6. MOCAPP vs Casting;
  7. Ce este un influencer;
  8. De ce companiile aleg MOCAPP;
  9. Calitate vs Cantitate;
  10. Elemente principale pentru un influencer bun;
  11. Următorii pași MOCAPP

For all my fellow Romanian followers, bucurați-vă de discuție, eu unul sigur am învățat multe despre influencer marketing și nu uitați să dați subscribe pe platformele preferate de podcasting. Enjoy!

Oct 28, 2020

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