Gerald Pollak is an associate at Vienna based venture fund capital300.

capital300 is a European Series A venture capital fund backing disruptive technology companies run by ambitious entrepreneurs.

capital300 has established innovative co-investment partnerships with global leaders in venture capital and together with the best VCs in the world like Sequoia Capital, Index Ventures und Draper Associates, capital300 provides portfolio companies with a substantial leverage for conquering the US market and building a significant global presence.

Gerald has previously worked for Apple’s Western Europe sales department and engaged with the international tech and entrepreneurship scene while completing a double masters degree at London Business School and Fudan University Shanghai.

If you listen to this podcast, you'll hear about:

  • Gerald’s rowing passion
  • Does competitiveness help you in your career?
  • How to defuse conflicts
  • Why and how networking mattered for Gerald
  • What was the takeaway from university for Gerald
  • What is Capital 300
  • How does Capital 300 choose who they invest in
  • When will Capital 300 start looking at the Romanian market
  • What eastern european businesses should change about themselves
  • Why hiring matters so much for investors
  • Due diligence and how Capital 300 does it

Enjoy! :) 

Sep 11, 2020

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