here’s one thing we hear a lot in the podcasts we host.

Whenever we ask a guest what’s the difference between our startup ecosystem and North America, or Western Europe, there’s a common thread: everyone says that we don’t know our marketing as well as we should.

Of course, funding and government support could be taken into account when explaining the differences between ecosystems. And yeah, if you want to go back a few decades or even centuries you can explain the wealth disparity between certain regions of the world through historical facts and events.

So everything plays a role.

But that doesn’t change the fact: Eastern Europeans, and Romanians in particular, aren’t as focused on marketing as they should be.

Grai Group set out to change that.

What Is Grai Group?

An agency that fosters innovation and growth. In their own words; “We are uniquely placed to create new successful ventures and enable European businesses to understand their needs and position so that they get business growth through digital channels.”

But what does that mean more specifically?

Grai Group has 4 departments focused on distinct activities.

Grai Ventures is where they build businesses from scratch. Startup ideas are brewed and turned into real-life agents active in the market. This is achieved through Venture Development,

Corporate Innovation Strategy, Innovation Programs, Corporate Acceleration Programs, Startup Deal Sourcing, Corporate Startup Engagement, Startup Ecosystem Analysis and Startup Due Diligence.

Grai Media is like a modern typewriter of the group, increasing reach through modern media channels. This department focuses on Content Strategy, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Podcast Production, Video Production, Search Engine Optimization, Thought Leadership Personal Branding and New Media Brand Development.

Grai Digital focuses on expanding the online presence and digital marketing efforts of Grai’s clients, through Growth Hacking, Customer Journey Analysis, Customer Acquisition Funnels, Marketing Funnel Automation, Paid Advertising Strategy, Paid Advertising Management, Conversion Rate Optimization and Referral and Loyalty Campaigns.

Grai Consultancy is the department that will help your business scale and tap into new opportunities, through EU Funding Consultancy, Fundraising Consultancy, Research Technology Transfer, Digital Transformation, Startup Coaching and Legal Consultancy.

While the brand Grai was just released in the market, and not well-established in the eyes of the market, the team behind has a strong background in all areas of expertize that the group offers.

Everyone there is an expert in their field, and that promise of quality has already been delivered upon for clients like Macon, Xella, Blugento, Upriserz, Blitz Imobiliare or Telenav.

You could say Grai is still in beta, 0.9 version, but their work and dedication to the vision and mission of the group, and list of customers is a force to be reckon and to be warched. You can get in touch via their digital business card.

Sep 3, 2020

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