inances are often overlooked in formal education.

And that’s especially true in Eastern Europe, where a communist heritage instilled a lot of unhealthy perceptions and expectations about money.

Simply put, it’s an area we still need to work on.

And the fact that we have no formal financial education keeps both entrepreneurs and employees struggling because of their finances.

Investory tries to change that, at least in part.

What is Investory?

Investory is an online platform that helps startups get in touch with investors.

Wait, that’s a different Investory.

The Investory we’re talking about is a mobile game that helps little kids learn about money, finances, and how to manage them. It’s all set in a futuristic space scene, and it’s episodic.

The description of the app sets some exciting expectations for kids that’d like to step into the action of Investory:

“Hello and welcome to the world of Investory: Trouble On The Toy Planet.

Here, together with your favorite characters, you will learn about money by solving investigative games, quizzes and mysteries.

Get ready to become a detective and solve the puzzle of the Toy Factory!”

The idea for this app came to CEO Valentin Filip after reaching an important crossroads in life: When you think about having, or actually have kids. He recognizes the problems past generations had regarding managing money during or immediately after a communist regime, so he feels like our generation can do better.

Launched back in June this year, with an initial seed of $100,000, the app already garnered some popularity, which culminated in securing a sizable investment.

This Round of Investments

The app secured 3700 downloads so far. That might not sound like a lot, but keep in mind that the team behind this project is small, and the fact that almost 5000 little kids chose this app over your regular mindless android games is a validation of Valentin’s concept.

Plus, a community is slowly starting to build around the project.

“A lot of kids that played Investory, along with their parents, chose to stay in touch with us even after playing through the existing episode” - Valentin Filip, Investory CEO

All of these things put together meant Investory was able to secure a $300,000 investment into their product.

For the future, the team behind Investory already started building the next two episodes of Investory. By Christmas, they want to expand the videogame into other markets as well.

They’re also planning to monetize the app by December, with a freemium model in which the first episode is free to play, and the following episodes are pay to play.

If you want to find out more about Investory, check their Google Play listing.

Nov 5, 2020

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