Iulia is a Talent Acquisition veteran with a demonstrated history of setting up and transforming Talent Acquisitions functions.

Psychologist with a keen interest and proven results in candidate assessment and driving high quality hires. She is highly skilled in Talent Acquisition, Executive Search, Executive Coaching and People Management.

Iulia is also the host of the Skills for Mars podcast. A podcast where she talks with her guests about the future and also about now. About change, the new world of work & the skills needed to have meaningful, impactful careers and lives.

From actually going to Mars and creating a new home there, to the rise of the gig economy, e-sports and the gaming industry, AI and blockchain, arts, genetics, environmental hacking and why not - pure surviving skills - they touch on what it takes to make it out there.

Whether you are still in school, 40 or 60, a parent guiding their child, someone that wants to start a career or change it, a business or an HR Leader that wants to better understand the new world of work, give it a try and hear for yourself.

What you'll hear about in this episode:

  • Insights on Amsterdam
  • The influence others have on us
  • HR Management - How to be an expert in this field
  • An interesting perspective on Talent Acquisition
  • Some key differences between an Early Stage Founder and a Later Stage Executive
  • The importance of a right recruitment for Start-ups
  • The impact of automation on the working market
  • Skills on Mars
  • Why do people change carriers

Enjoy our conversation, because I surely did.

Jul 15, 2020

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