ith the newest healtech improvements and developments of blockchain technology, it’s easy to get lost in the flashy world of startups. 

But there’s more to this medium than disruptive industries.

The old players in the game benefit from innovation too.

And that’s exactly what Kfactory does.

Kfactory is an Industry 4.0 startup that focuses on increasing the productivity of and digitizing mass production companies, like factories and any enterprise that works with production lines. Using Internet of Things best practices, and machine learning, Kfactory is able to increase the productivity of both industrial machines and industrial workers.

In fact, Kfactory does pretty well by their clients.

If they implement all processes, they can increase productivity by up to 25%.

How is that possible?

Kfactory’s platform monitors the output and interaction of all production elements, giving managers a bird’s eye view of their business processes.

“Kfactory covers a basic need for any production company, whether it operates in automotive, industrial equipments, pharma, plastics, wood processing, textile or others. As a strategic direction, in the second half of 2020 we want to launch new functionalities that will provide a huge amount of added value for the entire industry, with things like quality assurance, predictive maintenance, and augmented analytics.”- Adrian Dima, Kfactory Co-Founder

And people started to take note of it.

“Digitization is no longer an option for companies, but rather a mandatory business practice, especially as part of what we work on is slowly moving to the online and remote medium. This will even happen in historically conservative industries, as long as management can value remote work. We want to expand to a European level in the coming year, and we mainly target Spain, France and Germany, since we’re already operational in Romania and Portugal” - Vlad Cazan, Kfactory Co-Founder

In fact, Seedblink and Sparking Capital liked the platform so much that they spearheaded this round of investments, helping Kfactory secure a 215.000 € investment to help with their plans to expand internationally.

“The investment in Kfactory is a first for the Romanian market, being the first financing of a startup working in the Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing vertical. We’re delighted to pave a new road through our investment in a very ambitious team, with significant experience in their field, which has the potential to change our mass production paradigm. Along with our financial investment, Sparking Capital contributes with expertise, mentoring and networking for the accelerated development and international scaling of the companies we finance. We’re also delighted by the consolidation of our partnership with SeedBlink and the association with other investors, because that’s how we develop the Romanian entrepreneurial ecosystem.” - Cristian Negruțiu, Sparking Capital Co-Founder

If you want to know more about SeedBlink and how they help the Romanian ecosystem, we actually sat down with its CEO and Co-Founder, Andrei Dudoiu. Listen to it here.

But What Is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution, is the digital revolution of all mass production means.

So if discovering the steam engine was our first deep dive into industry.

Mixing modern digitization solutions with our classic production means is the fourth revolution. For the curious ones among you, the second revolution is considered to have been the technological electrification, while the third revolution is the introduction of computers and the internet into the landscape.

But this is not just a way to think about industry.

Oh no, Industry 4.0 has a whole framework, procedures, standardization, definitions in flux and a lot of other resources for companies like Kfactory.

So what do you think?

Knowing all about the technical possibilities of our time, how do you expect Industry 4.0 to lead us into the next decade?

Jun 19, 2020

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