Louis is an entrepreneur who founded Simbound, the first educational digital marketing simulation SaaS platform, and the best European Edtech Startup in 2018.  

He believes in small projects that have a big impact and he holds international experience working on projects together with the best business schools in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

While building the future of business education with the help of new technology he is a big believer that quality education is the key to a better life, and he strives to contribute to a better society in Romania, his native country.

He is now living in Cluj-Napoca, heart of Transylvania and is always up for a friendly match of tennis.

In this episode, you can hear us talking about:

  • What Simbound does
  • How understanding of the digital marketing world changed throughout the years
  • Why different cultures to business differently
  • Customer Care in the SaaS industry
  • Why learning by practice is important
  • Why Simbound is bootstrapped
  • How investments affect a company
  • How CoVid affected Simbound

And a lot more.

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Enjoy :) 

Nov 18, 2020

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