ix entrepreneurs from Cluj Napoca with vast experience in business founded the platform Enso, which is dedicated especially to entrepreneurs and business individuals. They built the platform after they secured an investment of over 200.000 Euros.

What is Enso?

Enso is a platform that focuses on B2B services and connects the companies with software as a service startups and service providers companies. It simplifies the process of partnerships through online means and lets the users check for reviews and recommendations for a specific company or service provider company.

Elso also functions as a one-stop-shop, allowing the users to find service providers that are already validated by other companies.

You can search for service providers on more than 80 types of criteria ranging from marketing services providers to business services, IT, facility management and cleaning businesses.

Through Enso, business services providers can reach their target market effectively, reducing up to 90% the costs of marketing and sales.

‚ÄúThe idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe platform came as a result of a problem that we have experienced on our own: the identification and selection of service providers is an unpleasant process, time and resource consuming, without a certainty that at the end of the road you will have a satisfactory result. Any professional responsible for a more important purchase should have credible reviews of those who have previously purchased the product, service or proactively ask for recommendations. Enso is the platform where all professionals who make acquisitions in a company, regardless of their role, can connect with other professionals in similar positions or industries, quickly identify validated suppliers and carry out a simple selection process.", says Andrei Pantelimon (photo), CEO of Enso Business Services.

The platform is currently free for companies and as well for the service providers and starting in 2021, all service providers will have to pay an yearly subscription.

Currently, Enso is allowing companies and service providers to get in touch with each other and forge partnerships, providing them with access to all the features that the platform has, for free.

Elso has already raised a first investment from Qubiz, an IT company and they plan to raise investments of over 1 million euros.

More so, 2021 will see an expansion of the platform throughout Romania with the main goal of reaching 3000 service provider companies setting up a profile on Elso. If the goal is reached, then Elso plans to expand in the Central Europe market.

Future’s looking good and ònline!

If you run a service provider company, then you should definitely take a look and set up a profile on the platform.

And of course, let us know your experience. Is it worth it or not?

Nov 5, 2020

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