radea, one of the major cities in western Romania, has gotten a fully functional contactless ride paying tram that was entirely made and assembled in Romania. 

The tram is called Imperio and it’s developed and assembled in Arad, at the Astra Arad factory in a collaboration with Siemens. 

But this is not the only good news. 

Oradea has already implemented the tram in the city’s public transport infrastructure and has ordered 20 more trams to modernise its public transport infrastructure, expected to be delivered in 2021. More romanian cities are expected to follow.

Cluj, Galați and Arad are among the cities that will purchase trams from Astra Arad. 

Cluj has already made a deal to purchase 22 trams for 48 millions euros, acquired through european funds, while Arad and Galați also plan on upgrading their public transport with Imperio trams using the same method.

Each tram will cost around 2 million euros and the purchases will be possible through european funds.

Picture: astra-passengers.ro

“Imperio Tram is the latest product of our company. It is the first modern tram, with 100% low floor produced in Romania. It’s designed to replace the current outdated vehicles. It’s produced in cooperation with Siemens and has a modern design in accordance to modern quality standards.” says the company.

Moreover, their site expands on the features of the trams:

“With uni or bidirectional operation, the Imperio Tram has a spacious and light colored interior arrangement as per customer requirements. The concept guarantees the best ratio for price, operation and maintenance.”

The best thing about them? They support contactless ride pay, a very important global trend.

What is contactless payment?

Contactless payment means that you can pay with your credit card without the need to enter a PIN.

You just tap your credit card near a point of sale that is equipped with contactless technology and you will get your tram ticket.

It’s practical, faster and so much safer given the current pandemic situation. 

You don’t have to worry about spending too much money, because transaction sizes are limited, depending on your choice.

Contactless payment on Imperio trams is made possible through a partnership with BCR and supports any kind of Mastercard or Visa card.

You can connect your credit card to your smartphone or smartwatch and you can also pay with these devices.

As you can see, there are a lot of safe and practical options to choose from. 

Who’s behind the scenes

Astra Vagoane Calatori is a company that develops trains and trams, as well as other products related to trains. 

With a history of more than three centuries in the transport industry, the company has a department focused on research, design and development, called The Research, Design and Technology Center (RDTP).

“The Research, Design and Technology Center (RDTP) has emerged as a center of excellence where technical studies are carried out in accordance with ASTRA strategy..” says their site.

Why does it matter

Romania can become a leading force in the transportation industry.

The trams were built in a collaboration with Siemens, but even so, they are built and assembled in Romania with a romanian workforce aboard and with Romanian investors.

This is a sign that changes are coming and romanian trams will soon be available not just all over Romania, but all over Europe as well.

And this is not only a simple dream. 

It can be Romania’s chance to put itself on the global (or at least, the european) transportation market. 

Do you agree?

Tell us your opinion in the comments.

May 25, 2020

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