herapy and life coaching are often forgotten facets of our life. They’re so important to:

  • Grow as people
  • Develop new skills
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Become a better version of ourselves

But more often than not, commitments to those areas are short lived. We don’t know the details of our trauma, and nobody ever encourages us too hard to find out.

That’s not true for Avocado.red though.

“All of us face both personal and professional challenges or uncertainties. A good specialist is a partner that helps us find actionable solutions.” - Annemarie Fabian, Business Manager at Avocado

To state it mildly, Avocado.red is a platform for “Online one-to-one meetings with leading experts that help you grow and gain valuable insights for you and your business.” It’s a mix between your classic online therapy sessions, like you’d get with BetterHelp, and a business-oriented platform that helps entrepreneurs and employees overcome their limitations. 

Yup, they also have offers for corporate clients.

And they’ve been doing all of this since December of 2019, when they launched. 

However, they clearly defined their services and mission only recently, so it was time for investors to jump on board.

“We believe everyone can reach personal and professional fulfillment. At Avocado, we facilitate your journey towards your better self. Guided by our vision and values, we work everyday to create an accessible space for clarity, solutions, confidence and growth.” - Avocado.red mission statement

And ready to seize the chance was Neogen Capital, a romanian fund led by Calin Fusu.

“At Neogen Capital, we only invest in areas we understand, so most of our recent projects have been marketplaces, like Avocado, because they cover services offered by freelancers and consultants. The gap between digital and non digital is getting smaller each day, which means that technology is bringing previously hard to access services closer and closer to people” - Calin Fusu, Neogen Capital founder

And that’s why Neogen invested 500,000 euros in the platform.

But it’s more than just money.

Neogen brings the 18 years expertise of BestJobs into the mix, promising a bright future for the marketplace that Avocado.red wants to become.

While Avocado is only active in Romania right now, they already have a few international experts, and they plan to use these funds to expand both their international presence, and the type of specialists they have on the platform.

So far, they have over 50 specialists on board, over 200 coaching sessions, and quite a few big names on the Romanian market that are very happy with them.

Take Carrefour for example:

“We chose Avocado because we thought it was a new, yet potential tool on the market, and one especially helpful for the times we’re living right now. For us it was important that we were able to share this tool with an entire team in order to support common objectives. The coaches on the platform are professionals, they’re experienced, and they do very well in the online medium too. Avocado is a very good tool, perfect for any team in this country, especially ones that work remote.” - Alexandra Sucioaia, Senior Learning Architect for Carrefour Romania

So What’s The Deal With Marketplaces?

A Romanian built, Romanian funded marketplace for therapy and coaching shows you there’s a lot of room in the market.

In fact, look around and you’ll find a marketplace for just about anything really.

Whether you’re a therapist, coach, lawyer, designer, content writer, or even programmer, you’ve got a place to go and sell your services.

Is that a good thing?

There’s a big debate among freelancers on whether or not to use these marketplaces.

Some stray away from the classic Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer due to the input on customer experience, and the high commissions sometimes practiced by these platforms.

On the other hand, a lot of freelancers are more than willing to renounce some control over their marketing and sales in order to focus on their craft.

So there’s a lot of room for debate here.

And we’re curious to hear your opinion.

What do you think about marketplaces?

Jun 26, 2020

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