iring during the global CoVid crisis is a challenge, both for companies and people trying to find a job. With the uncertainty we still have to worry about, you can never be too careful with your hiring decisions.

But that doesn’t mean things were much easier before CoVid. Some companies employ complex hiring processes to make sure they always make the right decision.

And this is where Jobful comes into play.

“We wanted to contribute and help as much as we can during these hard times. We know that there’s a lot of candidates and opportunities this summer, and we know that hundreds of people were left without a job overnight, and we also know that business decisions are harder to take nowadays. We want to create opportunities and offer the needed framework for a dynamic, active and efficient recruitment. Our product isn’t perfect (because there are no perfect products) but it gets better each week, and it’s already helping hundreds of people follow their career paths. Our objective was never to innovate recruitment, that’s just one of the effects of our work. We continue to build successful projects along with partners that understand a simple fact: talent is business critical” - Mihai Cepoiu, CEO of Jobful

Jobful is a recruitment platform based on gamification. Prospective employees sign-up on the site and start completing quizzes and challenges. Their progress is rewarded with badges, and based on how they evolve, they’re matched with companies that have a need for their skills and personality.

On top, as a user of the platform you can also enroll in courses that help you develop the skills employers are looking for. Of course, they’re also gamified and they help you match with companies faster.

Oh and, talking about the companies: Jobful recruits people for big names, including Coca Cola Romania, KPMG, ING Bank or Groupama Asigurari. So far, they amassed over 25.000 happy users and they work with 250 employers.

This pre-seed round of investments was spearheaded by private investors, and Jobful has big plans for the upcoming months. They want to launch a mobile app, expand into at least one other country (right now they only serve the Romanian market) and, further down the road, implement AI systems that improve user experience.

All the while staying true to their gamified roots.

Gamification You Say?

Yes, that’s how Jobful got where it is today, by implementing gamification in the recruitment process to better engage applicants and better assess their skills.

So what is gamification?

According to the Oxford Dictionary “Gamification is the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.”

In the case of Jobful, you’re scored for the quizzes and challenges you overcome, and you get badges for your progress, among other things.

And the reason gamification works is pretty simple: It triggers natural reactions that lead to self-fulfillment. Games have a way of keeping us immersed in activities, which allows us to focus and perform better.

As a result, gamification has a few clear benefits:

  • It improves user experience and retention
  • It’s not expensive to implement
  • Breeds a sense of achievement for your users
  • Increases brand awareness and loyalty

So what do you think?

Would you implement gamification in your business processes?

If you would, how would you go about it?

Jun 5, 2020

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