omanian startup, Questo, was selected in the Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka business accelerator in Japan to further develop its infrastructure and technology in the japanese market. They will have the opportunity to integrate their technology into the smart city setup and develop the technology while also getting funds for further development.

In other words, we will work with our japanese partners on building amazing quests in Japan. The revolution of exploring cities will get to a global level, said Alex Govoreanu, one of the founders of the startup, on Facebook.

What is Questo?

Questo is an application available on Android and iOS that allows users to explore various cities through the stories posted about the city by other visitors and users. When you visit a city, you get on the app, you choose a route and the app will let you answer questions and solve puzzles in order to find out the story behind that exact route that you have chosen.

The exploration through Questo can lead you to support various causes from local businesses to community causes and local charitable organizations.

Founded in 2017, Questo has attracted several investments through similar deals: in 2018, Questo has won an investment of 20.000 euros while participating in Booster Lab. In June of 2020, Questo won an investment of 300.000 euros from Sparkling Capital, allowing the startup to expand internationally.

And it did.

According to their site, Questo has already moved beyond covering just romanian cities. They started including cities from all around the globe: Available cities as of April 2020, Questo is available in +60 cities from 15 countries: Austria (Salzburg, Vienna), Denmark (Copenhagen), France (Dinan, Lyon, Montpellier, Paris), Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Munchen, Frankfurt), Hungary (Budapest), Ireland (Dublin), Italy (Florence, Rome, Siena, Vinci), Netherlands ('s-Hertogenbosch, Amsterdam, Breda, Linschoten, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Utrecht), Romania (Alba Iulia, Bacau, Baia Mare, Bistrita, Bran, Brasov, Bucharest, Cisnadioara, Cluj-Napoca, Craiova, Deva, Iasi, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Sinaia, Timisoara), South Korea (Seoul), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Seville), Sweden (Helsingborg), Switzerland (Zurich), United Kingdom (Birmingham, Cambridge, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Manchester), United States of America (New York, Washington, San Francisco).

In 2019, over 50.000 users completed at least a quest through the app and in 2020 Questo was awarded by the World Turism Organization (UNWTO) at the competition Tourism Startups.

It’s not surprising that they were selected to participate in the Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka, where they were amongst the 10 finalists chosen to participate there.

About Startupbootcamp

Founded in 2010 in Denmark, Startupbootcamp has gone on to become one of the most important business accelerator networks in the world. They have programs all over the world including New York, Osaka, Dubai, Miami, Londra, Berlin and many others.

About 500 startups participated in the selection process for the Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka. 20 of them made the final selection process and ultimately 10 of them were selected to participate in the accelerator.

They will be given the chance to develop their infrastructure and attract funds for further development.

The 10 startups selected in the accelerator program will begin a process of developing on November 26 2020 and it will end on February 26 2021 where they will present their development plan as part of the Demo Day.

The 10 finalists are startups that are focused on various aspects of using technology in the daily life, from Save a Crust (Singapore) - a startup that developed an AI based product to reduce food and water waste to Questo (Romania) and Off Block Ltd (UK) which developed a product capable of handling virtual signatures and paychecks.

We wish Questo all the luck, but we are sure their hard and good work will pay off.

Have you used Questo? What’s your experience with the app?

Let us know in the comments!

Nov 3, 2020

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