nyone that’s very involved in the tech market is always on the lookout for the best products. That’s doubly true for people in Silicon Valley that want to find the best software solutions.

This is where SuperOkey comes into play.

SuperOkey is a Romanian startup that offers advanced briefs and reporting templates for freelancers and agencies to better communicate with their clients.

“SuperOkay starts out by giving freelancers and digital agencies the tools to build beautiful interactive Briefs, Proposals, and Estimates they can then share with their clients and get sign-off. All powered by reusable content blocks so it gets easier and faster to do it every single time.” - Rauda Ceuca, Super Okey co-founder

But that’s not all they have planned for the tech world.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg, and our goals are to bring a modern workflow, based on transparency and speed to the client-agency relationship.” - Rauda Ceuca, SuperOkey co-founder

So they have big plans for the business services sector.

And ProductHunt seems to agree with them.

So What Happened?

Officially, ProductHunt is the place to “find your next favorite thing”.

But if you want to look closer into it, ProductHunt is a listing site. They have entries for a ton of products, from all across the world, and their visitors aren’t just small business owners. 

ProductHunt garners a lot of attention.

People all across the tech world check up on the product of the day categories to see where innovation might take us in the future.

And yeah, they have a way for people to vote the best product of the day.

Earlier this month, SuperOkey made it to the 2nd best product of the day, validating the idea and getting a lot of attention on their platform.

Why Do People Like SuperOkay?

After all, reporting can be done by freelancers and digital agencies with a lot of tools. From powerpoint to Canva, there are alternatives, so let’s see what makes SuperOkey so special.

In Radu’s words, it would be user friendliness.

“We're overlapping with tools like Proposify and the maze that is PDFs + spreadsheets + docs + email threads + project management tools built for internal use. All these are not really client-friendly. Basecamp is probably the only one with thoughtful client-facing features and no wonder: it was built by an agency, just like us. SuperOkay is purposefully designed for professional service providers to be used with their clients to keep them on the same page.” - Rauda Ceuca, SuperOkey co-founder

...and a dash of understanding your customer really well.

SuperOkey is built by an agency, so they understand the needs of their clients better than a lot of other competitors.

So this is a great way to do workflow management, and build a fully-fleshed platform in that area.

But let’s dig deeper.

What is Workflow Management?

In short, workflow management is the coordination of tasks that make up the work an organization does.

But it’s a bit more complicated.

We’re not just talking about tasks put together.

Workflow means a collection of tasks, done in a certain order, that achieve a larger overarching task.

So for example, let’s say your task is to get instagram followers for a certain platform up to 1000. You’d have to do some repetitive tasks and collaborate with other departments or partners to make that come true.

So in turn, workflow management is how you organize that work.

As it stands now, SuperOkey helps with part of that. More specifically, it streamlines collaboration with clients and partners.

But as you’ve read, they plan to take it a step further.

But we’re curious.

What workflow management tools do you use?

Let us know in the comments section!

May 29, 2020

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