risbo, a Romanian e-fulfilment company, expands its operations in 5 new european countries: Moldova, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and Belgium.

By doing so, the startup becomes the biggest european network specialized in e-fulfilment and second day deliveries.

That’s not everything, though.

2020 already brought Frisbo a 95% growth in markets from Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, while these markets sum up a total of 15% of Frisbo’s operations.

"This year we focused on strengthening our position in the local market and expanding Frisbo operations in Central and Eastern Europe, a process that will continue in 2021. In the context of the pandemic and the fact that most consumers are turning to online shopping, our services have become more and more in demand and they are no longer an exotic solution. We will continue to expand Frisbo to western markets. ", said Bogdan Colceriu, founder of Frisbo.

In 2021, Frisbo plans to expand its operations in France, Germany and Netherlands. They already are operating in Germany through their polish point.

Frisbo - becoming the biggest company specialized in e-fulfilment in Europe

Frisbo was founded in 2014 by Bogdan Colceriu. Back at the time, it was the first e-fulfilment platform in Romania.

In 2017, Frisbo won a first round of investments, followed by investments won in 2018 from Neogen and Risky Business fund. In 2019, Frisbo won an investment worth of 1,2 million Euros that brought the company up to a valuation of 6 million Euros.

The company has grown tremendously.

Currently, the Frisbo network has 15 logistics points in Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Poland, which serve 9 countries in the next day delivery system: Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Republic of Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany.

Starting 2021, the list of countries with next day delivery will reach 13, adding Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

"The benefit of using an e-fulfillment service is to scale online store sales in the local market as well as in new countries, without the need for logistics experience, without the high cost and stress of managing stocks and orders," says the company.

Indeed, e-fulfillment seems to be the future of online retail. This is excellent news for Frisbo.

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

Dec 17, 2020

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