he Coronavirus crisis changed our life in so many ways, and we’re still adapting to it. From a young pupil in rural Estonia to a successful businessman from Silicon Valley, all of us had to adapt to the new socially distant reality.

And that’s where ObservED comes into play. ObservED is an identification technology mixing biometrical data and AI to best identify students while they are taking exams. With the tool, signing up for exams is a simple matter of showing your ID to the webcam. The tool then uses its biometrical data capabilities to make sure you're the person supposed to be taking the test.

Moreover, ObservED is a multimodular solution, mixing the newest identification technologies to assure a smooth and automated transition to online examination. Not to mention, it’s already fully integrated with Moodle, the most popular LMS (Learning Management System) used by universities and schools all over the world.

ObservED was developed by Tremend in partnership with TypingDNA, two romanian IT companies.

“We’re already seeing an accelerated digitization in medicine, commerce, and of course, in education, due to the challenges we’ve recently faced and a global rethinking of business processes. We’re always paying attention to the latest market trends and we use innovative technologies to develop products that have real value. We developed ObservED in partnership with TypingDNA to support learning institutions open to integrating technologies that allow them to expand their educational fingerprint, and offer more for their students, wherever they may be.” - Alexandru Paraschiv, Innovation Department Lead at Tremend.

With no one knowing how much we’ll have to wait for a vaccine, this type of technology works wonders in bridging the gap between students and teachers, who’ve been torn apart by the lockdown and social distancing measures.

But the situation is still uncertain for the most part. All over the world, there’s a big debate as to whether we should open schools in the Autumn or not. Knowing that, let’s see what we can expect from the future of education in an ever-increasing economic uncertainty.

What About Education During CoVid?

The first thing that’s clear is that some people adapted better than others. In Romania, there are reports of teachers retiring just as lockdown started, afraid they couldn’t adapt to the new technology.

But it’s not just about teachers. In the UK, 40% of pupils have had little or no contact with teachers during lockdown. That’s four in ten students. Millions of children.

And there are a lot of reasons for this worrying situation:

  • People’s lack of familiarity with digitization solutions
  • Students’ poor access to the required resources to learn online
  • The state’s precarious response for less fortunate students

But there is a silver lining.

A lot of states actually did a good job of moving towards the online world, particularly in the northern hemisphere, and private companies like Tremend and TypingDNA have jumped on the situation and provided innovative solutions to support our education system.

So will schools open again in September? 

Can we go back to normal?

That question has a different response for every state. For example, Sweden never even went into lockdown, but social distancing measures managed to flatten the curve nonetheless. For states like France, Italy, Spain, all of Scandinavia or Canada, who have managed to flatten the curve, schools opening again in September is a distinct possibility.

At the other end of the spectrum, countries like Romania, the US, and most of Latin America are seeing a resurgence in cases, possibly pointing to a second wave coming soon. In those cases, schools opening for the new semester seems more like an impossible wish than a reality we’ll all experience.

At the same time, it’s too early to say for sure.

If there’s one thing Corona taught us, it’s that we shouldn’t take things for granted. In all seriousness, we may not know for sure until mid-August.

But we’re curious what you think.

How are we dealing with this situation from an educational point of view?
What could we do better?

Will schools open again in September?

Jul 10, 2020

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