ood news for any start-up and early scale-up specialised in automation that is located in the CEE region and Turkey.

You can apply now through 30th of August in the second edition of the UiPath Automation Awards, a competition founded by UiPath where you can win 50.000 euros and the chance to form a partnership with the automation behemoth, UiPath.

The competition will reward the best ideas with a prize of 50.000 euros offered by Microsoft, as well as hours of training, mentorship, tech and marketing support and access to UiPath’s list of clients.  

Which countries are eligible

If your technology contributes to automating non-manufacturing processes and your start-up or scale-up is based in Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Moldova, Poland, Romania, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, the three Baltic States, and Turkey, then you are eligible to compete.

Conditions to compete

According to the event’s site, for the Start-up Award, the criteria considered to register is the following:

  • You have a technical Minimum Viable Product that is focused on B2B non-manufacturing software automation;
  • You have a dedicated team;
  • Your start-up is up to seed financing;
  • If you already got financed, the total amount that you received is a maximum of 1 million EUR.

For the Scale-up Award, the criteria considered to register is the following:

  • You have a functioning technology that is focused on B2B non-manufacturing software automation;
  • You already signed with a minimum of 3 paying customers;
  • You have a dedicated team;
  • If you already got financed, the total amount that you received is a maximum of 3 million EUR.

What does this competition mean for the local business ecosystem

Last year, at the 2019’s edition and first edition, the romanian start-up SmartDreamers and the polish start-up Edward.ai were amongst the winners.

“The process has been easy. We accidentally got into the competition 2 days before the deadline. The interview with one of the jury members has been essential because we were able to explain why our chat bot was not any usual bot and we can actually improve the automation system and UiPath ecosystem with it. After we won the competition we were approached by a lot of customers. It mattered for these customers that UiPath has become our partner.” said Tomasz Wesołowski, the co-founder and CEO of Edward.ai.

The competition is really helping emerging start-ups and scale-ups or those people who have got a good idea on improving the automation system.

“We have figured it out that sometimes a simple but brilliant idea has the potential of leaving a huge impact across all the regional business ecosystem. There are a lot of good ideas that come out from Central and Eastern Europe. Last year, we were able to see just how efficient the whole competition was. We come with a concept of democratization, we help people to get their ideas into a practical business. Great ideas are coming from small companies where people are more inclined to try new things and embrace new concepts, to think out of the box and to get ahead with it.”, says Boris Krumrey, founder of Immersion Lab, one of the partners of the competition.

If your business doesn’t use the UiPath systems, that’s not an issue. You can still sign up in the competition.

Moreso, it doesn’t matter what type of industry your business is focused on, as long as you are within the automation industry’s reach and you are knowledgeable about the automations systems.

Even more reasons to apply.

And you still have the time.

And you can still win. Just look at Edward.ai who joined the competition just 2 days before deadline and won last year.

Reasons to apply to the competition

There are some good reasons why you should apply to this competition.

Andrei Roth explained it in the TechTalk Podcast why it is so important to put yourself on the map, if you have a start-up.

These are some of the most important reasons:

  • You will have access to a lot of information regarding funding and the process of getting funded
  • You will put yourself on the global map
  • You will attract a lot of potential investors as well as potential clients

But there are a lot of helpful insights in the episode so make sure to check it out here.

And if you are thinking about applying to the UiPath Automation Awards, you can still do it here.

Who knows? You can be a winner.

Aug 28, 2020

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