Reader - Webflow HTML website template

real time saver! I haven't bought a template from another designer since I got my first template by Elastic Themes!”. Tyler Hughey. “Keep making these. user-friendly and flexible templates

Reader - Webflow HTML website template

society news in the Sunday newspaper. Carefully Crafted by Elastic Themes. The marketing may be in the form of a heart to heart talk with Mr. Brown on his prominent local television show

News: Meet MorphL, the company that is bringing the AI in e-commerce

suggestively called “. Get your AI on. ” and they talk about similar issues and debating several themes regarding the rise of AI in business. 2020 hasn’t been so bad either: their services have

News: Kfactory, a Romanian mass production startup, secures a 215.000 € investment

in the flashy world of startups. But there’s more to this medium than disruptive industries. The old players in the game benefit from innovation too. And that’s exactly what Kfactory does

Podcast: Thibaut Vanderhofstadt On The Importance Of Culture Differences, A Powerful Team and the Growth of Sortlist

there is no such thing as failure, it is simply a more or less long success, which requires more or less pivots and time. By questioning themselves regularly, with enough energy and a united

News: $10 million for Stellar Health, a Health Tech startup founded by Romanian programmer Octavian Costache

healthcare system with their VBC system by bringing healthcare professionals closer to the ones in need, a dire necessity in these troubled times. But there’s a catch. The VBC system is based

News: Investory, a Romanian mobile game that teaches kids about finance, secured an investment of $300,000

CEO. All of these things put together meant Investory was able to secure a $300,000 investment into their product. For the future, the team behind Investory already started building the

Podcast: Boris Hristov And The Presentation Market

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