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David Timis On How The Workforce Will Develop In The Future

David Timis is a keynote speaker focused on the impact that AI will have on the future of work. He has MasterÔÇÖs Degrees in Business Administration and Management and Public Policy, and work experience in the private, public and NGO sectors. He has guest lectured at renowned universities, such as Cambridge University in the UK and the College of Europe, and delivered presentations for a diverse range of clients, including Google, the European Commission, and AIESEC.

Emmett King And Building Businesses In US And Europe, Part II

Emmett King is COO and a minority shareholder at Wirtek, a publicly traded European software and electronic engineering solutions company. He is a businessman from America, with over 17 years of practical experience in Romania. He loves living and working in Cluj-Napoca and has traveled to most of the regions of Romania. Enjoys a good knowledge of the country and its history, and is working to improve his proficiency in speaking Romanian.

Iulia Istrate on Talent Acquisition as a Business Strategy, Podcasting and The Labour Market of Tomorrow

Iulia is a Talent Acquisition veteran with a demonstrated history of setting up and transforming Talent Acquisitions functions. She is truly passionate about her job, but also she is looking into the future, encouraging people to embrace the changes the labour market goes through.

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