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Louis Havriliuc And Innovation in Digital Learning Platforms

Louis Havriliuc is the founder and owner of Simbound, a digital marketing learning platform. While on the lookout for ethically designed technology, he has pioneered a simulation method for digital marketers to hone their skills. His work is inspiring, and his experience helped him learn the ins and outs of our startup ecosystem.

Bogdan Oros On His Experience In The Hardware Market and How Consumers Think

Bogdan has experience in developing markets from scratch in the software sector and the ability to understand the way customers use and want to use products. He has experience working with big names like IBM, Microsoft, and renown middle eastern banks. He holds a degree in computer science from the Technical University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and has been selling security software in different countries and creating markets for the past years. Bogdan is a startup founder, passionate in helping great products scale, a husband, and a father.

EuCeMananc Delivery Platform Becomes Tazz by eMag and extends its offer to include grocery delivery in under one hour

EuCeMananc used to be a food delivery platform with a clear USP: deliver everything the client wanted in under one hour. It had considerable partnerships with restaurants all across the country and in head to head competition with companies like Glovo or FoodPanda.

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