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Two Romanian IT Companies Team Up To Create An Online Identification Technology For Remote Exams

ObservED is an identification technology mixing biometrical data and AI to best identify students while they are taking exams.

A Romanian Fund Begins Its Activity By Investing in Swisspod, a startup that inspired Elon Musk

Something Big is a Romanian investment fund recently founded in Cluj Napoca. They kick-off their activity with big news: they pledged an undisclosed amount to Swisspod, a Swiss startup that is currently building Elon Musk’s hyperloop.

Romanian Fund Neogen Capital Pledges 500,000 euros to, a therapy and life coach marketplace

More often than not, commitments to therapy and coaching are short lived. We don’t know the details of our trauma, and nobody ever encourages us too hard to find out.That’s not true for though.

RPA Company With Romanian Origins, UiPath is working towards securing a funding that will increase their value to $10 billion

UiPath, a company with Romanian Origins is working towards securing a funding that will increase their value to $10 billion.

Kfactory, a Romanian mass production startup, secures a 215.000 ‚ā¨ investment

With the newest healtech improvements and developments of blockchain technology, it’s easy to get lost in the flashy world of startups. But there’s more to this medium than disruptive industries.

AI Startup Founded by Romanian Roxana Porada Secures 4.3 Million Euros Investment

PXL Vision is a Swiss startup founded in 2017 that ‚Äúprepares your business for the digital age‚ÄĚ. In practice, that means they use AI technology to provide fully automated identity verification and customer onboarding solutions.

Bogdan Litescu, founder of Plant An App, lands a spot in the 500 Startups Accelerator

Plant an App made it into the 500 Startups Accelerator, which means Bodan Litescu’s team will have a chance to get training sessions, workshops, mentoring and aid from business experts. All of this will end in a pitching day on the 19th of March, 2021.

Romanian Startup Jobful Raises ‚ā¨250.000 in a Pre-Seed Round

Hiring during the global CoVid crisis is a challenge, both for companies and people trying to find a job. With the uncertainty we still have to worry about, you can never be too careful with your hiring decisions.

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